The Top 10 Things to Do in Tenterfield

Tenterfield, with its historically iconic buildings, proximity to wineries and national parks, and bushwalking opportunities, attracts people from across Australia from all demographics. Tenterfield is ideal for couples looking for a relaxing break, newlyweds searching for a honeymoon with a difference and professionals who wish to head on a corporate retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane. Keep reading below to learn about the must-see sights and exhilarating activities that Tenterfield has to offer.

Don’t Miss These Top Things to Do in Tenterfield

In no particular order, here are the activities, hotspots and experiences that you’d be mad to miss during your stay in Tenterfield:

  1. Historical Bus Tour

    If you’re only staying in Tenterfield for a weekend or a few days and want to learn as much as you can about the historical significance of this symbolic town, then you should consider booking a bus tour. Some companies can tailor an excursion to meet your desires, which is perfect for corporate getaways, and having a friendly guide to talk you through the town’s historical hotspots guarantees to be both fun and impressive. Crisps Coaches & Bus Lines Tenterfield Tours can provide more details on bus tours near Tenterfield and Stanthorpe.

  2. Soundtrails Audio Walking Tour
    If you fancy hearing some of Tenterfield’s lesser-known tales, then you’ll enjoy embarking on a journey with nothing but your phone and an app as your guide. What started as a local school project is now one of the town’s talking points; an app that guides tourists through Tenterfield’s history and plays soundbites as you enter the designated sound zones. Find out how to download the innovative Soundtrails app.
  3. Wine Tasting at Kurrajong Downs Winery

    Tenterfield is on the doorstep of some of the region’s finest wineries, many of which offer guided tours and fine wine tasting opportunities. The Kurrajong Downs Wines Vineyard is open between 9.30 am and 4 pm from Thursday to Sunday when owners Lynton and Sue Rhodes welcome guests where guests are welcome to test their latest creations on a deck overlooking their beautiful vineyard. Don’t forget to ask about the granite boulder retaining wall.

  4. Bushwalking

    An abundance of beautiful national parks, such as Boonoo Boonoo National Park and Basket Swamp National Park, surround the charming and historic town of Tenterfield, and plenty of them have bushwalking on the menu. If you want to get close and personal with some of Australia’s most breathtaking natural scenery, bushwalking in Tenterfield is the way to do it.

  5. Climb Bald Rock

    Bald Rock is the name affectionately given to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest exposed granite monolith granite rock, which rises an astonishing 200m above the surrounding landscape and covers an area of 88.83 km2. The Bald Rock is a natural phenomenon, and one of the only ones of its type the world has to offer regarding its immense size. If you’re searching in Tenterfield for things to do with a difference, climbing Bald Rock needs to be on your bucket list.

  6. Visit the Tenterfield Saddler

    The Tenterfield Saddler isn’t just the title of the world-famous Peter Allen song – it’s a business that’s been manufacturing quality saddles since 1870, and it’s still going today. Go and take a look at the activities of this historic gem in the heart of Tenterfield, and read the poems and tales pinned to the walls of one of Tenterfield’s oldest buildings. You don’t have to be a horse owner to take delight in witnessing a piece of history that’s still alive and well.

  7. Tour the Flower Gardens

    When we say Tenterfield has things to do for everyone, we mean it. Avid gardeners and those who like to treat their eyes to the colourful sights of nature will enjoy the views on offer at the various flower nurseries in and around Tenterfield, such as White Cottage or Loganlea Nursey & Florist. Learn about the plants that are native to the area and peruse the beautiful flowers with which the professional florists dazzle their customers.

  8. Boutique Shopping

    If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Brisbane for the weekend, you’ll undoubtedly want to enjoy a unique shopping experience in Tenterfield rather than be inundated with chain-store products that you can find closer to home. Wake yourself up to the flavour of delicious lavender coffee at Aloomba Lavender before heading off to purchase some souvenirs at stores such as The Unicorn’s Horn Emporium and Washpool Farm Soaperie and Ruben & Flax.

  9. Winter Wine and Local Craft Beers by the Open Fire at Commercial Boutique Hotel

    tenterfield accommodationOur delicious hotel restaurant inhabits one of Tenterfield’s most historic and iconic buildings, and our talented chef rustles up crafts delights that guarantee to make your taste buds tingle. However, if you just want to relax the evening away after trekking the national parks and purchasing some local handicrafts, we welcome you to come and enjoy our locally brewed craft beers and the most exquisite wines our region and Australia has to offer. You might want to check out our art deco, luxuriously comfortable rooms if you need a place to stay in style.

  10. Galleries and Museums

    Of all the things to do in Tenterfield, visiting the various diverse galleries and museums has to be high on your to-do list. Journey through the story of Tenterfield’s railway history at The Tenterfield Railway Museum, or peruse some of the region’s historical artefacts at the Centenary Cottage Museum, which occupies a colonial-style building that dates back to 1871.

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If you want to make the most of your stay in Tenterfield, embarking on some of the exciting adventure activities detailed above is a must, but you also need a place to relax and catch a good night’s sleep at the end of a busy day. Our hotel occupies a historic art deco building in the heart of town, provides quick access to the local hotspots, and boasts individually styled rooms and a delicious restaurant that guarantee to impress. Contact us today for Tenterfield travel advice and accommodation information.

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